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Name of the book is : Bhamini Vilas | Original Author of this book is : Jagannath Pandit | This book is edited and annotated by : E. V. Dadape, D. G. Apte | This book is published by : Motilal Banarasidass Publishers Private Limited | PDF file of this book is of size 300 MB approximately. This book has a total of 190 pages. Download link of the book "Bhamini Vilas ka Prastaavik Anyokti Vilas" has been given further on this page from where you can download it for free.

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Dadape and ApteLiterature, Poetry300 MB190

From the Book : 

The mere knowledge of the name would lead one to form a wrong idea about the book namely that the book must contain verses in which the love sports of a beautiful passionate lady are described. But the fact here is peculiar. It does not contain a continuous story like the Meghadut, but is a mere collection of verses which the poet composed on various occasions to suit various purposes.


Jagannath Pandit is unanimously considered as one of the most glorious stars in the galaxy of Sanskrit poets and as such has been receiving that incredibly high degree of honour and commendation which no poet perhaps has ever been able to command at the hands of the cultured public, since the comparatively darker ages when Kalidas and Bhavabhuti - both invaluable crest-jewels of the goddess Saraswati are recorded to have flourished.


O Lotus, Don't consider that there is greed for fragrance in this wind like that in the bee. Don't be greedy in giving your fragrance to the wind as you do when you give it to the bee; for though highly renowned, he has stooped to mendicancy for the pleasure of the people alone.


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