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Name of the book is : Sahaj Sadhana | Author/Editor of this book is : Swami Ramsukhdas | This book is published by : Gita Press, Gorakhpur | PDF file of this book is of size 31 MB approximately. This book has a total of 100 pages. Download link of the book "Sahaj Sadhana" has been given further on this page from where you can download it for free.

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Swami Ramsukhdas jiSpiritual 31 MB100

From the Book : 

I am immensely rejoiced in presenting this book in the hands of the aspirants who aim at God-realization. I believe that this book will prove helpful in enabling them to achieve their aim easily and quickly by developing their discrimination and enhancing their zeal. As the number nine is perfect in itself, so is this book consisting of nine discourses.


Evils appear and disappear while the unpolluted self ever remains the same. It is the common experience that evils flash while we remain in tact. We feel appearance and disappearance of evils because of our inherent purity. It is a rule that what is felt is quite distinct from the self.


Prakrti (Nature) and Purusa (soul or spirit) - "Both are said to be without beginning" (Gita 13/19). Though both of them are beginningless, yet they are distinct in nature. Prakrti is always active while in Purusa there isn't any activity at all. This distinction should be understood clearly.


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